Corban campus hosts summer youth camps

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hundreds of kids of all ages have enjoyed Corban’s campus this summer. Faculty members and staff have facilitated Music Camp, Theatre Camp, and several sports camps. Also, the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) rented Corban’s campus as one of its three tech-camp sites.

Theatre Camp (July 14-26)


Tamara McGinnis directed a smooth-running, two-week theatre camp in July. Seven full-time, experienced teachers encouraged eager students daily as they acted, danced, sang, and wrote scripts. In addition, five experts offered seminars representing a broad range of theatre-related skills, including lighting and costuming. This year’s camp served grades 4-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-12; it is one of the few theatre camps in the area for the older age group. 

Students showcased their work at the end-of-camp recital. But McGinnis stressed, “We are a camp focused on the process with the end-product in mind.” 

While McGinnis is “awed” by the quality of work students produce in just two-weeks, she is even more impressed with their character development. Lifelong skills of discipline, cooperation, humility, and more are cultivated during camp.

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Camps (July 14-25)

Shooting, ball handling, and defense—Corban staff taught solid basic skills in The C.E. Jeffers Sports Center during basketball camps for 75 boys and over 50 girls. Players learned drills and practiced in modified and full-sided games that were age and level specific.

Coach Justin Sherwood guided two boy’s basketball camps: a half-day camp for grades K-3 the first week and an all-day camp for grades 4-12 the next. Coach Terry Williams directed two girls’ basketball camps in one week: a morning half-day camp for elementary ages and an evening half-day camp for secondary grades. In addition, Coach Dave Bale offered basketball tutorials for groups of three at a time. Besides generating revenue for Corban’s sports programs, Coach Sherwood said the camps are a community outreach.

Coach Williams reinterates, “The camps are a tremendous opportunity for our players to show young people from the community what a Christian athlete looks like. We teach strong, biblical character values as part of our basketball skills training.” Each camp, by example and by his trademark testimony called “Hook Shot for Jesus,” Williams gives campers a practical look into the difference Jesus can make in life.

Corban’s own basketball players assisted the camp directors as they honed coaching techniques.  Sophomore Erik Cronrath, who helped the younger boys with basics, recognizes, “It’s unbelievable that being a good basketball player starts at this age.  You can tell which kids strive to be better at basketball.  Those are the kids who will learn the skills to be better at whatever they do in life.”

Volleyball Camp (July 28-30)

Director Heather Dunn led 50 campers in different aspects of the game of volleyball. The 5th-8th grade campers focused on fundamentals as they met each afternoon. The 9th-12th grade campers simulated game situations and worked with other players to enhance their game during their morning camp.

She reports, “Our focus for the campers throughout the week was character and hard work. We can coach skills but we cannot coach someone on how hard they work or their attitude while doing it.  It was fun to hand out a few prizes for athletes that showed Christ-like character in the way they responded to the coaches and players around them and in their personal work ethic.”

Camp: TECH! (July 13-Aug. 1)

Three, one-week computer camps ran consecutively on Corban’s campus. OETC sponsored them.  Able to access computer labs, offices, and Davidson Residence Hall (for their overnight campers), OETC expanded 74 young minds. Community teachers and professionals shared skills in the areas of video production, beginning and intermediate gaming, web design, programming in Java (a computer “language”), and GarageBand music software.

Director Sue Smith, a retired Salem-Keizer teacher and curriculum specialist, praised tech camp’s teachers for relevant projects taught—from power-point shows for campers’ parents to making the CD covers for their presentations. She loved directing the camps because, “It’s a fun way to peek over the shoulders of these experts and see what the kids are learning.”

Smith also provided necessary recreational outlets for the hard-working students. From running water relays to launching bottle rockets, campers took full advantage of Corban’s beautiful grounds on those sunny July days.

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