Board of Trustees' May meeting includes many highlights

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Board Secretary Jo Sherman said at the close of the May meeting of the Board of Trustees that beautiful weather was only one of a number of highlights that took place. What is typically a policy-making meeting for the Trustees was marked by its brevity, an introduction of Dr. Matt Lucas as the new Provost, and the presence of an international guest on campus, Dr. Jonathan Parapak of Indonesia.

Chairman Tom Carlson added other significant items on the agenda, including a money-saving change in the heating and power system, budget approval, the welcoming of a new Board member, a significant gift toward the new library, and the dates for the next Board meeting which neatly coincide with Homecoming 2008.

Dr. Bill Crews, Executive Director of Northwest (Southern) Baptist Convention, became the newest Board member. Crews, of Camas, Washington, previously served as President and Chancellor of Golden Gate Baptist Seminary over an18-year period. Carlson called his appointment a “great fit for our Board.” From his affiliation with Southern Baptist churches, Crews told the Trustees, “We are grateful to God that we can confidently recommend a school here in the Northwest. In Corban College we have a school to which we can confidently send our students and know they will come back to our communities and churches. I have heard many comments of both students and their parents who have found Corban to be a great school. We look forward to those comments being repeated many times over.”Board members affirmed their decision made in February to replace the current boiler system with an upgraded heating and power system. Carlson noted, “We’ll spend more now but save money in the long run by the new system’s efficiency.” College President, Dr. Reno Hoff, calculated that savings to be an average of just over $11,000 per year (after loan payments and interest costs). Work will begin on the project this summer.

Sherman noted that current Dean of Education, Matt Lucas, gave devotions and included his testimony during one of the Board sessions. “We were very impressed by him,” she said. “He’s a pretty charismatic person. Since he was a student here and is now teaching here show he has a broad base with the College.” Carlson called his change of position to Provost a “great move” and added, “He won’t skip a beat since he’s been mentored by Dr. Samek!”

Timing for the next Board meeting in the fall was set to tie in with Homecoming, allowing Trustees to easily participate in the event. Meetings will begin September 24, 2008 and conclude in time for Homecoming activities starting September 26.

Carlson was excited to relate that one of the Board members made an anonymous donation of $10,000 toward the new Library. This spurred others to pledge support toward the $25,000 goal which will allow the College to proceed with architectural plans for the project. “I really appreciate the Board,” Carlson said after the final session. “It’s a great group of people with good camaraderie. Everyone’s tied into the mission of the College, and they work hard to fulfill it—to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

Corban College and Graduate School is ranked fifth by U.S.News & World Report in America’s Best Colleges, both as a Top School and Best Value among baccalaureate colleges in the West. Corban has been in the top ten schools of America’s Best Colleges for the last six years.

  • Board of Trustees members enjoy lunch together of an authentic Cinco de Mayo buffet in the Corban Dining Hall after their final session on May 2. Seated at the table are Tim Aagard, Jo Sherman, Tom Carlson and Darrell Beddoe.

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