Psalm Gallery showcases photos by students, staff

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer 2008

From a local pond to an inviting beach in Costa Rica, from the dorm room to Dachau in Germany, from relaxing feet at a coffee shop to the captivating eyes of a young Guatemalan girl—twenty photos in the Psalm Gallery for the month of May will draw you into their own stories.

“We've sponsored many photo contests for students to show off their work, and this is kind of an outworking of that,” said David Collett, communications coordinator of Associated Student Body leadership.

He indicated that 100 photos were submitted, and twenty were selected by the ASB officers for the display now visible in the Gallery of the Psalm Performing Arts Center.

Contributors provided photos as well as a title and brief description or story behind each picture. For example, Campus Pastor Kent Kersey described his photo, “Hidden in the Cross,” this way: “I took this picture at Dachau, the first Nazi Concentration camp. I was trying to get a depth-of-field picture of the barbed wire when I realized the wires formed a cross. I snapped it. Later I realized that it’s a good statement of God’s presence in suffering. God was there, hidden in the cross.”

Mary Hynes, a junior Intercultural Studies major, described her “South Park Blocks” winning entry: “This is a picture from this past fall in the South Park Blocks near Portland State University. I love the natural sunlight on the Yellow trees and if you look close you can see a girl jumping in the air near the statue.”

Other winners include students Alyssa Terterud, Anna Arndt, Ashley Bowder, Blaine Bartlett, Cassandra McFarland, Cory Spink, Heather Johnson, Jessica Pruitt, John Kazmierski, Kelsey Shields, Matt Schmidt, Michael Pargeter, Mindy Paulson, Ryan Bell, Sadie Urdahl, Sara J. Pittock and Seth Daniels.

The Psalm Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • “Illahe Sunrise” by John Kazmierski

  • “Hidden in the Cross” by Kent Kersey

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