Trustees come to campus February 21-22

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just three days after the Clock Tower’s crowning event, Corban’s twenty-three-member board began to arrive on campus for their quarterly meeting. A highlight of their agenda was a campus tour on Friday, February 22, to see the Clock Tower, Legacy Plaza, and the proposed library site.

Their accomplishments included the approval of the 2008-09 budget, a new heating system to replace the old boiler plant, and the renewal of College President Dr. Reno Hoff’s five-year contract.

Members also heard the exciting news of the Capital Campaign’s advance to $2 million, on its way to the $14 million goal, as well as new initiatives in student recruitment and financial aid.
Another matter of business—election of Board officers—re-elected the current officers for another year. Tom Carlson as Chairman, Mike Patterson as Vice Chairman, and Jo Sherman as Secretary will continue in their roles.

“It was a very good Board meeting,” said Dr. Hoff.  “They always are.”

A trustee for 27 years, Carlson noted some things he appreciated about the current Board.

“We’ve developed good relations with each other over the years,” he said in the Manna Conference Room after meetings concluded on Friday afternoon.  “Everyone feels comfortable to speak and share their mind.  When we get together, it makes it that much easier to focus on issues.

“The things we were facing at this meeting, we were able to resolve.  The Board gave direction back to the President, and he’ll go on with it.  That works well for us.”

He also indicated that having a “policy-run” Board has made a difference in the past several years.  “It really does help us because it eliminates emotion,” he pointed out.  “If there is a question about something, members can consult copies of the Board’s policies right on the table in front of them.  If it isn’t already in the policies, we’ll write a new one for it.”

His final note of appreciation rested on the Board’s constituency.

“We have a good mix of people—pastors, business people, lawyers, accountants, farmers, construction managers, doctors…” he pointed out.  “Every one of them is dedicated to the Lord and to the mission of the School.  That mission being, to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

Patterson as Vice Chairman commented on the reports the Board received from College administrators and faculty during their meetings.  Seated across from Carlson in the Manna Room, he added, “We’ve seen lots of positive indicators regarding the health of the College, both present and future. We’ve launched the next Capital Campaign, the primary focus of which is to build a new library. We’re excited about this!”

 “The library is a great development!” said Donn Mogford, a pastor from Idaho, after the campus tour. “It speaks well of the future vision for the College and is greatly needed to support Corban’s academic purposes.”

Dan Brammer of Stanfield, Oregon reflected on the Clock Tower: “It identifies Corban with a physical, architectural feature. Together with the Psalm Center, it gives a sense of identity.”

Anna Herman, one of the two first women to become Corban trustees, had just taken time on Friday after lunch to visit with transfer student Kasi Little, originally from Nevada. Herman shared her own experiences as a homesick Westmont College student from Colorado who went on to become an educator.  Once outside the Dining Hall, she said of her 16 years as a trustee, “Myrtle Thompson and I came on the Board together in 1991.  She has since gone home to be with the Lord.  At this time, I feel very privileged to be a part of this group of people and to be moving forward with the College.”

As Curtis Horton ‘69’, a trustee for 27 years and member of the finance committee, said before heading home to Bandon, Oregon, “The future of Corban couldn’t be better.”

  • Anna Herman, one of the two first women to join Corban’s Board of Trustees, enjoys the view of both new library site and Clock Tower from outside Schimmel Hall after meetings concluded last Friday, February 22.

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