Corban begins online MBA program

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Corban College and Graduate School has added an online master of business administration degree to its program offerings. Approved last June by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the program’s first class began in early January 2008 with eleven students.

Online courses are nothing new at Corban. “We have a history of being successful online,” says Bryce Bernard, Dean of Business, who set up the College website in 1995. It happened to be the first Christian college website in Oregon. By that time, Corban had already been offering distance (partially online) courses in an adult degree completion program for a couple years. Now both adult degree programs can be finished completely online, while graduate students in education also have online course opportunities. Now up and running, the completely online MBA program joins the growing list.

“Employers love online graduate programs,” Bernard points out. “They don’t lose their employees to go pursue a degree from somewhere else. Employees can stay at their job, save their boss’ money, and at the same time, work toward the promotion they’re wanting!”

Corban’s MBA program has attracted Christian adults, already in the workforce and already busy.

Julie Hansen, a member of the premier class, is employed at the Oregon Department of Education’s Budget Services Unit as a fiscal analyst. She had this to say one week into the first five-week module: “I really like the online classes because the flexibility makes it easier to balance a ‘more than’ full-time job, school, family, and the rest of life's necessary activities."

Flexibility is a plus for classmate Doug Libby, as well, who added, “I travel up to two weeks per month with work, so I needed something that was flexible enough that I could be working on school while I was away from home. It helps even more with only studying one class at a time. With five weeks for each class, there is not a need to diversify what I am learning, and I can focus all my attention in one place.” Libby is engineering manager at AM Equipment, Inc. in Jefferson, Oregon.

Candidates for Corban’s MBA degree must take 36 credit hours of coursework, with 27 as common core courses and nine from a program track of their choice--non-profit or management. The five-week courses are taken one at a time, with up to three in each semester.

While online students can live anywhere in the world to take courses, the eleven students of the first class are mostly in the Salem area, with two out-of-state. Eight of them are Corban alumni, including Hansen. She recalled her “positive Corban experience” after graduating from the adult degree program in 2006. For her, Corban tipped the scale as she considered other schools. Hansen concluded, “Biblical-based learning is an added benefit none of the other top MBA schools can offer.” For Libby, “the Christ-centered perspective on business” made a difference.

In anticipation of a growing program, Corban hired Scott Meredith as a graduate admissions counselor. He joins Holly Cozby in that role, who helped to recruit the present class as well as students for the Graduate School’s education program. Meredith is a 2006 alumnus of Corban whose current position is with the University of Phoenix as an enrollment counselor. His duties with Corban begin on January 28. Excited about the program, Meredith said he hopes to help double the number of students for the next MBA class.

For more information about the online MBA program at Corban, please contact the Office of Graduate of Admissions at 1-800-845-3005, Ext. 8145, or 503-589-8145,, or visit

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