Clock Tower continuing toward completion

Monday, January 7, 2008


The scaffolding has come down from the clock tower as its construction enters the long-awaited final stages.  Begun this past summer, the tower has risen slowly from its foundation not far from Schimmel Hall at the hub of campus activity.  We’ve completed the stonework section which comprises all but the last 17 feet of the structure.

The final components for the top of the Tower—clock face section and roof-- are expected to arrive in late January. There have been materials delays which have slowed the project because of a longshoreman’s strike in California. The steel cube which displays the four clock faces and the pyramid-shaped roof section are being fabricated in Albany, Oregon, and will be brought to the construction site when the above-mentioned materials arrive.  Once both sections are complete, they will be given finish work and assembly of the clock faces on site. 

The crowning event—when a crane places the upper sections as a unit atop the tower—promises to be spectacular! The clock tower will then stand at its full height of 51 feet, firmly establishing a sense of place on campus. Afterward, internal workings of the clock will be installed and fine- tuned, followed by the final stage of back-filling the excavation, landscaping, and placing Legacy Plaza bricks at the tower’s base.

Steve Hunt, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, says, “It’s good to remind ourselves that we are all sharing in this exciting process—building something that will last a lifetime. To God be the glory!”

For more details and to view the photo gallery of the ongoing Clock Tower project click on the link below:

  • Since the recent completion of the construction block section of the tower, it has been cleaned and the scaffolding removed. The clock face section will be lifted into place and sit atop the tower shaft. That event is estimated to occur sometime in February.

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