Nightingale to speak for first Night Chapel

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Billed as “too much for the daytime,” Jason Nightingale will recite the entire Book of Revelation on Wednesday, January 23, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Psalm Performing Arts Center. The first Night Chapel speaker, Nightingale has a background in professional Christian theater and a passion for the faithful communication of the Christian Scriptures.

Dr. Greg Trull, chair of Corban’s ministries department, is familiar with Nightingale’s life and ministry. “Students will hear the Scriptures in a new and fresh way,” he anticipates. “It’s amazing how much can be conveyed from the Scripture using vocal inflection and body language. There’s also a great story of God’s work in Jason’s life.”

Nightingale came from a strong Catholic background and had considerable combat experience in Vietnam as a medic and operating room technician. Stateside, he continued in the medical field as well as joining the Professional Christian Theater Company. In 1973, Nightingale became a born again Christian, eventually moving to full time church work and ordination as a missionary-evangelist.

He and his wife, Sharon, have traveled many times to Africa and India preaching, teaching, presenting Scripture, and seeking to establish ministries that display the love of God in Christ Jesus to the most needy—orphans, widows, refugees, street kids, and throw-away girls. Currently they are going out to churches of North America full time, proclaiming The Book of Revelation and other Scriptures.


The Nightingales established Wordsower International which is committed to presenting high quality theatrical programs and instructional workshops in areas of Scripture recitation and oral interpretation. Wordsower also supports compassionate and educational ministries in West Africa and South Asia, as well as training, equipping, and sending African and Indian evangelists and church planters to their lost countrymen.

“Evangel Dramatics” is the method Nightingale has developed for his Scripture presentations. He combines the disciplines of acting, oral interpretation, storytelling, and chancel theater with the call and integrity of preaching. Scripture alone is his script which is, of course, memorized.

Campus pastor, Dr. Kent Kersey, is excited that students and the general community will have the opportunity to hear Nightingale recite the final book of the Bible in its entirety. “I think this will be an awesome time for us to hear the great Book of Revelation in a fresh way,” he said. “We too frequently chop this book up into tiny pieces and lose the impact of it powerful imagery and poetry. So rather than fixate on just one small passage, we will be able to stand back and see the whole thing ‘widescreen’ and feel the power that God will reveal in the end times.” 

  • Jason Nightingale dramatically proclaims whole books of Scripture that he has memorized.

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