Fitness Center gains aerobic and strength training equipment

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In Dr. Dave Bale’s eyes, "Corban’s fitness center is well above the norm in its aerobic and strength training equipment, compared to other colleges of our size." Thanks to the acquisition of six weight machines and five pieces of aerobic equipment, the balcony overlooking the court in C.E. Jeffers Sports Center will soon boast 24 stack weight stations, up from the current 17. 

T-Mobile of Salem recently bought new equipment and needed a place to donate their used pieces. Corban became the benefactor. “All the ‘new’ equipment will be up and running by the time the students come back from Christmas break. It’ll be quite a Christmas present for everybody,” said Bale, professor in human performance. He will do the final set-up himself, although he had quite a bit of help in the process.

Campus Care employees joined Bale’s team of athletic office personnel and others to get the equipment from T-Mobile to the Sports Center on December 5, 2007.

“It took two hours and twenty minutes to break down the equipment at its previous site and only 30 minutes to move it into the gym from the truck,” Bale recalled. Workers moved the six weight machines to a spot behind the bleachers upstairs where they await assembly and final placement. The two Precor treadmills, two Precor elliptical machines and recumbent bike were placed at the railing in the fitness center. 

Once the college chooses the bid for electrical work, the Precor pieces needing plug-ins will be ready for use.“Four of the six weight machines are duplicates of what we already have, as well as all the treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bike,” said Bale. He predicts that having the additional pieces should eliminate waiting in line for fitness center users. 

Human performance classes and sports teams, as well as faculty, staff, and the general student body keep the equipment in full demand each day. Bale estimated he would complete set-up the week before Christmas and a little after, with help in the floor plan from his intern Stephanie Louvier and Exercise Science instructor Shannon Simmons.

Bale noted that it was just ten years ago that the fitness center

was completely bare of equipment. But within two years, things began to change. He was able to glean used pieces of equipment here and there “for little or next to nothing,” building the collection up to what it is today.“We’re pretty full, as you can see,” Bale indicated with a glance around the balcony, where much of the floor space is taken up with carefully maintained machines.

“Students used to go off-campus to do their strength and aerobic training.  But in the last four years, I haven’t heard of that happening.”On par with comparable institutions in areas of aerobic and strength conditioning, Corban may be weak only in the free-weight room—the smaller area at the head of the stairway with benches and barbells. “

We don’t have as much equipment there as might be wanted by a school with a football team,” Bale explained.  But he indicated there are already plans to add more pieces to that area, too.“My goal is for everyone—students, faculty, and staff—to be up here making use of this equipment,” Bale said. From “medicine balls” and a Roman chair to the higher tech weight machines and treadmills, the growing array in Corban’s fitness center offers something for everyone.

  • Campus care employees Jim Streckfuss, Tim Johnson, Jose Gomez, along with athletic trainer Tony Walther carry a newly donated Precor elliptical machine to its new home in the C.E. Jeffers Sports Center.

  • Nic Sedor, resident director of Van Gilder, checks out a selectorized weight machine, one of six added to Corban's fitness center.

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