Parents enjoy taste of college life for the weekend

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Over 100 parents and grandparents arrived on campus last Friday to spend time with their students as part of Parent Weekend, November 2-3. More than half of them belonged to freshman students, and nearly everyone visited classes that day to get a real taste for collegiate life. The Student Life Office, which hosted the two-day event, added some special festivities to what was already happening on campus, giving parents positive notes to take home.

A bonus for parents who registered in Schimmel Hall was a hot-off-the-press issue of the Statesman Journal, which featured Corban’s plans for a new library on the front page on Friday. “It couldn’t have come at a better time!” said Deleen Wills of the Alumni Office after she brought in 120 copies to share.   

Those who walked to chapel on Friday morning may have seen a heart made of leaves on the Psalm Performing Arts Center parking lot. The word “PARENTS” appeared inside the heart in neat, leafy letters. The loving gesture served a purpose.

“We just wanted something to send to our parents since they weren’t able to come for the event,” said Caleb Stapp, who made the heart with fellow student, Elisa Baggenstos.  “We borrowed a camera from a friend so we could take pictures of it to email to them.”

Like many other parents who came, Connie Hageman visited class with her daughter, Natalie, a sophomore.  “My mom enjoyed being able to come to my classes with me so she could see what one of my school days was like,” Natalie related.

Some rounded out the afternoon by attending a seminar with Director of Financial Aid, Nathan Warthan. Others took in the Student Composer Recital in Emitte Center. With a full crowd, the event was a collaborative effort with Multnomah Bible College. Associate professor of music John Bartsch described it as nothing less than “splendid.”

Friday evening’s dinner in the Psalm Center fit neatly into the schedule just before the women’s volleyball match.  In his keynote address, Dr. Reno Hoff assured the audience that Corban would hold fast to its Christian founding principles by continuing to require faculty and students to be Christians.

Drawing the weekend’s events to a close was a brunch on Saturday morning. Guests were treated to music by the jazz ensemble and a sneak preview of the upcoming play, Our Town, before Dr. Greg Trull’s message. Using an experience with his own son, he conveyed to parents that Corban is a safe place for students as they learn to stand “alone at the counter.” 

“It was a tender message urging parents to let go when it was time for them to go home,” said Cathy Downs, administrative assistant in Student Life. 

  • Students Jill Hochstetler, Natalie Hageman, and Keeley Harris (in back) are joined by parents Connie Hageman and Sheri Hochstetler in speech class.

  • This heart shape, created by students Caleb Stapp and Elisa Baggenstos, appeared outside the Psalm Center on Friday morning in honor of Parent Weekend. PHOTO BY CALEB STAPP

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