Newest online ADP classes meet on campus

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A group of fourteen students just beginning the Adult Degree Program recently met on campus for three days of orientation. They represent another group of adults who will complete their bachelor’s degree at Corban while balancing work and family responsibilities. 

Called “cohorts,” they start and complete the program together, one course at a time, either online or in weekly classes on campus. Online Orientation, held October 18-20, prepared these cohorts for the journey by offering a time to bond with each other as well as providing tools for academic success in the coursework ahead.  In addition to meeting with faculty and admissions counselors in the Adult Degree Program, students also met Dr. and Mrs. Hoff and other key people on campus as ways they could get to know the school from which they’ll receive their degree.

Although they’ll be studying mostly online, it’s still a requirement for these students to make the trip to Corban.  Dr. Bruce Merritt, ADP Chair for Business and Organizational Leadership, made no apologies for the extra expense of coming.    

“By coming and bonding with one another, our students have an incredibly high completion rate of 90%, compared to 60 to 80% in programs offered elsewhere.  These students know each other; they help each other; they pray for each other.  The faculty pray with--and for--them.  It’s hard to put a tangible price on it.  It’s almost priceless,” said Dr. Merritt.

Dr. Merritt noted that this is the last MAC class to be offered.  With the next group of cohorts, Business and Organizational Leadership (BOL) replaces it with a new name and updated content.

  • ADPonline/Cohorts in the newest Family Studies and Management and Communication classes in the Adult Degree Program got together for a three-day Online Orientation, October 18-20.

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