College adds MBA program

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Approximately 13 years ago the college created a plan to have launched graduate studies programs within 10 years of that date. Today, it has a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) program and on January 7 of next year, the college will launch the newest addition, the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The MBA program, done completely online, is set up in five-week courses, making program completion possible in 16 months.

The program will be done online in order to better serve the needs of busy students and also because “just like a business you have to evaluate your strengths…” said Dr. Bryce Bernard, vice president of information services and dean of business.

“We wouldn’t be able to compete with other larger universities’ MBA programs, and we have a huge strength in online education because we’ve been doing it for so long.”

An online degree program pioneer in the Northwest, Corban has offered online degrees since 1996.

Students in the MBA program will be encouraged to work at their own pace and take one five-week class at a time, in contrast to an average undergraduate.

“This program is built for people who are working full-time,” said Bernard, who shared that multiple people from very diverse professions have already enrolled or expressed interest in the MBA program.

“There is a lot of relevance in an MBA program,” Bernard said. He felt that once people reach an upper level position in most professions, they end up managing others, which requires skills gained in a business program.

The MBA program will initially be run by the existing professors in the undergraduate business department, but Bernard was hopeful that additional staff will be added in the near future to aid both the undergraduate and graduate studies programs.

For more information about the program contact the Graduate Studies office at 503-589-8145 or email

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