Psalm Gallery features Dennis Willer

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The calligraphy of Dennis Willer will be featured for the month of November in the Psalm Visual Arts Gallery.

Willer adds life and motion to the Word of God through his calligraphy.  He draws  upon joys, struggles, and enthusiasm for life--in himself and others around him--as his inspiration.  The resulting pieces show text, sensitively highlighted and made all the more meaningful with inviting colors, forms, and textures.

Willer was born in Wisconsin and raised in southern California.  He was brought up in the Lutheran church and especially enjoyed involvement in a youth retreat leadership group called Kingdom Workers.  During his years with them, he developed a love for the Word, a love for music, and the creative energy to blend different media together. 

He had already developed good penmanship as a young boy, since one of his punishments when he was in trouble was to write for an hour.  “I did a lot of writing!” Willer remembers.

Through that frequent exercise, he found a new love and admiration for beautiful writing.  When he began a second career as a golf professional in 1997, Willer found a niche for his penmanship while creating scoreboards for golf tournaments.

Now the focus of Willer’s work is the beautiful Word of God as he works from his home studio in Salem, Oregon.  There he thrives on the support, inspiration, and encouragement of his family and friends.

In Willer’s words, “I have always had a love of fine writing and an admiration for creating life in words with visual movement.  I could say that for the exception of my mentor and fellow artist, Lyn Graybeal, and input from my friends in the Capital Calligraphers Guild, I have been mostly self-taught, which is derived from my visual learning tendencies.

“I am constantly encouraged by those around me and draw inspiration from their joys, their struggles, and their enthusiasm for life.  The verses I choose are simply an avenue for me to create movement and life in Calligraphic form from their life experiences as well as my own.

“To all of them--I celebrate you and your willingness to share those experiences with me.

“I share the expression of fellow friend and artist, Steven Hunt, as he states, ‘…it is simply an expression of what I feel and see internally when the creative process begins.’

“I do hope and pray that these pieces may somehow touch your heart, bring you a sense of joy, and speak to the calming reassurance that our Father has you firmly in His grasp.”

An artist reception is scheduled for Sunday, November 4, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Psalm Center.

  • Isaiah 40

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