Psalm Visual Arts Gallery September Show

Friday, August 31, 2007

Corvallis artist Jake Dorr visited Corban as a volunteer in the summer of 2004, assisting in the redecoration of the Library lobby. During that time he became acquainted with the college’s eventual gallery curator, Steve Hunt, and has since stayed in touch. Through that communication process, we discovered his wonderful creative works and asked that they be presented here. His unique visual perspective is worthy of attention.


In commenting on his work, Dorr says, “Inspiration for my work has come from a variety of sources. Usually my process involves seeing something in my everyday, regular life then re-inventing that image, memory or unique vantage point. This process of active observation fuels my methodology. My favorite way to paint is to fragment reality, or to break up spaces into new, abstract layers and dimensions.”


Art that is worthwhile showcases the glorification of the mundane; the rescue of normal artifacts; the extraction of significance from a trivial event. I somehow enjoy finding grace or grandeur in and between the brokenness of the visual world. New history; new markings; bringing the immaterial to account for its existence... this is my job.


I grew up in Oregon and like it here. This land has been my opportunity, although my travels—and therefore exposure to culture and a wider appreciation for the creative mind—have taken me to three other continents.


Aesthetically speaking, life is good and I plan to discover as much as I can through habits of perception and expression.


Take a few moments and discover how refreshing an aesthetic time-out can be at the Psalm Center's Visual Arts Gallery, M-F, 9-5.


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  • "Abe"
    Magazine collage by Jake Dorr

  • Jake Dorr

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