Smooth registration starts out Fall semester

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Processing 900-something students for the upcoming year is no small feat, but the job was accomplished smoothly over two days.  Beginning on the first level of Schimmel and progressing upstairs, students queued up for a number of stops that guaranteed meals, shot student IDs, and provided mailboxes, among other things.  Familiar faces to most, ASB officers and RAs manned a number of the stops that got students through the necessary process.

“Without ASB officers, it couldn’t happen,” said Cathy Downs, Student Life Administrative Assistant, about registration.  “They’re the backbone of this operation.  They care so much about the image of the College.”

Registration of new students took place on Monday, August 27, bringing in the largest freshman class in the College’s history with 209 students.  An article which appeared in the Statesman Journal the next day provided an opportunity for the community to see Corban through their eyes. (Read the article here)

The next day of registration brought in greater numbers when returning students arrived at Schimmel’s doors.  Marty Ziesemer, Corban’s vice president of enrollment, estimated a total of 930 students would register, after last year’s numbers came out to exactly 900.  The final tally will not be known for another ten days as some stragglers make it to the registrar’s office after the start of classes on Wednesday, August 29.

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