Summer camps liven up campus

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Besides the construction noises from various improvements that went on this summer, it was good to hear younger voices in many places across campus, from the Psalm Center to the Sports Center.  Thanks to a number of summer camps that drew students from kindergarten through high school, Corban was a lively place from the end of June through early August--just in time for college athletes to show up on campus.

Near the end of June, Music Camp brought in the first group of students--80 junior high and high schoolers.  Virginia Cross, professor of music, oversaw the program with Sharon Bartsch as camp director, and Larry Garrett of the Salem Youth Symphony as one of the conductors.  A number of music faculty members, students, and area musicians joined in the program to keep campers busy with classes, worship time, and plenty of performance opportunities.  Highlights included a visit from internationally known evangelist Reid Saunders for worship time and the closing concert on the last night of camp.

Veritas students made the next advance on campus in early July.  This group of 37 high school students seriously studied the truth of God’s word, the Greek meaning of veritas. Western Seminary runs the program, but they utilize at least one of Corban’s professors—this year Dr. Tim Anderson—and the campus facilities.  “The Bible, Truth and Culture” was the theme this year that guided them toward ways to take the message of the Kingdom out into today’s culture, according to Veritas director, Ron Marrs of Western Seminary.  They visited five Portland churches, each with different target audiences, and even got their hands dirty with service projects for the City of Salem and the Community Garden at the Oregon School for the Deaf.  
Fifty-two aspiring actors and actresses came for Theatre Camp beginning in mid-July. Students in fourth grade through high school got opportunities for not only acting but script-writing, singing, dancing, and lots of practice.  Instructor Lori Hammer told her group of robots performing to a song called “Pinball Wizard” to “lockin” once they found their position. Instructor Teresa Blunt praised her planets, “I like your level,” before they plunged through an imaginary black hole.  This year, camp director Tamara Machinist, assistant professor of English, noted an unusually large number of junior higher's—24 this summer—and a high school group who wrote their own play rather than use a preexisting.   She commended the group for its energy, enthusiasm, and exemplary behavior.  Recitals for all the groups were a fitting finale for the two-week camp, when they presented plays they had written and produced themselves.

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