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Friday, June 29, 2007

Responding to student body growth and the addition of new programs, Corban College & Graduate School has hired three new professors to teach science and education courses.


Responding to student body growth and the addition of new programs, Corban College & Graduate School has hired three new professors to teach science and education courses.

New to Corban’s classrooms are science professors Dr. Jim Dyer and Dr. Pat Daniels and language-instruction specialist Scott Jantzi. The trio’s hiring brings the number of full-time faculty added in the last year to a total of eight. Last summer, the college added professors of English, social science, two in education and ministries.


Dr. Pat Daniels, 54, is traveling the farthest to take his new job. A microbiologist and former dentist, he’s currently a senior research scientist at the University of Kansas Medical Center. At Corban he’ll be teaching biology and genetics courses.

“What attracted me to Corban is its totally Christian environment,” Daniels said. “Everything is a good match for me. Here you can talk about what you believe and science. What’s better than that?”

Daniels brings to his new job a wide range of professional and research experience that will benefit students, especially those studying to become medical professionals. After more than six years of working as a dentist, he earned a master’s degree in oral biology and a Ph.D. in oral and cell biology from the University of Missouri. Along with his research, he’s served as an adjunct instructor at the college level.


Dr. Jim Dyer, 39, is moving from a full-time adjunct professorship at nearby Western Oregon University to teach chemistry classes at Corban. He joins his wife, education professor Dr. Sang-Eun Kim Dyer, who was hired last fall. He is scheduled to teach courses in chemistry (organic and introductory), as well as a couple math classes (algebra and pre-calculus).

Dyer said he’s looking forward to teaching at a Christian college because his desire to express his faith explicitly “is going to be encouraged rather than discouraged.”

Although his interest in science and math began at an early age, he’s only more recently developed a passion for teaching. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Wabash College. At Ball State University he earned a master’s in actuarial science and an Ed.D. in science/chemistry. He’s worked as a professional vocalist, an insurance statistician, a lab technician and a college chemistry instructor.

“After my first two terms of teaching chemistry, I was totally exhausted, but I loved it, and I knew this was my calling,” Dyer said.


Scott Jantzi, 44, has been hired to run Corban’s graduate-level English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement program. ESOL training helps teachers work more effectively with non-native English speakers in their classrooms.

In addition to organizing and running the 13-credit ESOL program, Jantzi will organize undergraduate education courses that will include out-of-country teaching experiences.

“Scott’s experience and connections in Guatamala will be used to create our first course out of the country,” said Grad Studies Dean Matt Lucas. “The goal is to teach a week-long course to prepare students for the trip, spend two to three weeks in a foreign country teaching in local schools and return for two to three days of debriefing.”

Jantzi and his family were missionaries in Guatamala for four years, and he’s led many short-term mission trips there. He’s fluent in both Spanish and German.

He earned his M.Ed. from Oregon State University. He’s taught high school English, served as a school principal overseas and lead a college program for foreign seminary students needing to improve their English skills.

To take the job at Corban, Jantzi is leaving a position with the Salem-Keizer School District, where he taught English and helped lead district-wide ESOL efforts.

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