Missions Outreach Abroad Changes Students' Lives

Monday, April 23, 2007

Alumna Beth Hutton has worked at Corban since she graduated in 2006.  But soon that will all change when she leaves for a full-time job in Italy. 

“The decision was four years in the making,” she said about her job change.  She began going to Italy during spring break of her freshman year.   Student led missions trips which were carefully overseen by Campus Pastor Kent Kersey and Missionary-in-Residence Jim Morris made indelible marks on Hutton.  Her latest trip last spring sealed the decision.

From that first trip in 2004, she fell in love with the people.  “My heart was broken for them,” Hutton shared.  “I saw hopelessness in their eyes, and it really struck me.”  As she continued going each spring, her passion for the people of Italy increased. 

Last spring she went as advisor for the Corban College team.  An additional week in southern Italy put her closely in touch with Italian church members evangelizing their neighborhoods just after Easter.  

While she couldn’t communicate effectively in Italian, she could pray for her brothers and sisters as they shared the Gospel.  With a majority of her time spent in prayer, she also made a life-changing decision to apply for a new job.

She was accepted to work with the missions organization, Saints Equipped to Evangelize.  She’ll be a resident assistant at Saints Bible Institute in San Lorenzo, near Venice, beginning in early September.  Her responsibilities will center around American students who are studying abroad with an interest in evangelism, mentoring and counseling them.  It’s right down her alley!

Like a growing number of other Corban students and graduates, Hutton followed her own advice:   “Take those opportunities to go abroad while you’re able!”  This year alone, around 130 people from Corban have gone on missions trips to places like Los Angeles, New Orleans, Thailand or Kenya.  Personnel in Student Life serve as consultants and help to recruit and build a financial base for those who are interested in going.  Corban soccer coach Dave Irby has also taken athletes to Germany and Peru, and he looks forward to more trips—not just for athletes.

“You can’t go on a missions trip and not be changed,” Hutton affirmed.  “Your views of the world, of people, of sharing the Gospel…all change”  You may even end up—like Beth Hutton--going to work in another country!

  • Beth Hutton (left) with friends Lindsay Davis and Nakiva Cleveland in Venice, Italy during Spring Break 2007.

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