Professor finds way to impact relationships

Monday, March 12, 2007


A new book on relationships by Dr. Marty Trammell, head of Corban College’s English program, hits bookstores April 1.

Trammell co-authored Redeeming Relationships: How to Resolve 10 Common Conflicts and Reduce their Frequency with Dr. Rich Rollins, Corban’s former dean of students.

The idea for this book came from Trammell’s personal study of Song of Solomon in the Bible. He noticed how Israel’s King Solomon dealt with conflict with his wife and started letting the book model his own behavior. In preparation for writing this book, he spent three years studying Song of Solomon word-by-word.

“I was just doing the Bible study methods approach to Song of Solomon,” Trammell said “The title for this book comes from the idea that all of our relationships are moving toward God’s final redemption.”

Because many relationships – including marriages, work partnerships and family relationships – are fraught with conflict, Trammell believes this book will be helpful to readers.

“It’s an honest book,” he said. “I think it will help people. That’s my prayer — that God would motivate people to read it.”

Each chapter focuses on how to reduce the frequency of conflict in relationships. Trammell believes this book takes a unique approach because it focuses on the spiritual causes of conflict.

“It’s not external causes. There are spiritual causes behind conflicts and our response to them,” he said.

Rollins, the book’s co-author, initially contacted Trammell after reading an article he’d written for one of the books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

“[Rollins] is a great man of God,” said Trammell. “He’s restoring a church of 2,500 in California. Eighty-five percent are former drug addicts. He’s a very compassionate person that way. He’s also a powerful speaker.”

Several Corban faculty members contributed to this book. Dr. Greg Trull, head of the Bible program, wrote the book’s foreword. Corban President Dr. Reno Hoff and Dallas Seminary President Mark Bailey both wrote endorsements.

“I think Marty’s experience in the area will really be valuable because it’s very practical for the reader,” Hoff said.

Readers can find copies of Redeeming Relationships in bookstores and online.

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