Building named after President Emeritus John G. Balyo

Friday, November 10, 2006


In November, the occupants of Corban’s recently completed residence hall proudly gave themselves a new name – “the Balyo girls.”

The women’s residence hall was officially named after President Emeritus John G. Balyo at a celebratory chapel and ribbon-cutting on Nov. 10. This announcement came five days after residents learned about the new designation.

“I was really pleased when I heard because Dr. Balyo is someone I’ve always been aware of – and a man I greatly respect,” said Residence Director Pam Horton.

At the Nov. 10 celebration, Balyo ceremoniously cut a ribbon on the bridge leading to the residence hall. He and his wife, Betty, joined administrators at the ribbon cutting/all-school gathering.

Balyo’s history with Corban goes back to 1983, when he arrived to serve as president. He held that office until 1991 and the served as chancellor before being named president emeritus in 2005. A graduate of Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana, Balyo pastored four churches and taught at three colleges, including Corban.

“He's played an important role in our college history,” said Vice President for Marketing Steve Hunt. “He encouraged people to pull together in a time of declining enrollment and brought it back to a period of health and growth.”

Known as a gracious southern gentleman and a man of character, Balyo is also known for his love of the cartoon “Peanuts,” from which he pulled wit and wisdom for his sermons for more than 50 years. As a fitting gesture, a set of Peanuts cartoons autographed by Charles Schultz will hang in the Balyo Hall lobby for years to come.

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