Robert S. Allen

A postman by occupation, Allen became an archaeologist of note in the San Francisco Bay area, having his materials displayed at the Oakland Public Library and the University of California’s San Francisco Center.

Allen’s educational background included studies at Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Western Baptist College, University of California, and three years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (during which he engaged in medical work in the Six-Day War). He also participated in a “dig” at Ramad Rahel (Hill of Rachel) in Israel. Allen’s extensive travels took him to Africa, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Russia and China.

Allen officially donated his archaeological materials and library to the college in the mid-1980’s. Mr. Allen died in 1997.

J. Franklin Prewitt

Dr. Prewitt was associated with Western Baptist/Corban University for 50 years, having served as founding board member, business manager, and professor of Bible and Middle Eastern history as well as Biblical Archaeology. He served as curator of the museum after Corban moved to its present location in 1969.

Prewitt was Resident Director of the Institute for Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem from 1960-62 and conducted about thirty study tours of Israel and the Middle East from 1964 on. He passed away in 1992.

Adrian Jeffers

Dr. Adrian Jeffers was a former professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at the University. He also had personal field experience, having participated in the archaeological excavation of Beersheba in the Negev desert of southern Israel. Jeffers donated artifacts from his personal collection and was responsible for the updated evaluation and inventory of the museum and enhancement of the exhibits, including new labels, display cases, and translations of ancient Sumerian tablets. Dr. Jeffers retired in 2016.