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Monday, May 6, 2013

For Kate Tracy, an English major and editor of Corban’s award-winning student newspaper, The Hilltop, the next 15 months will be filled with two unique opportunities. In April, Tracy learned she was selected to receive a Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism summer internship. Soon after, she was told she earned a one-year, $30,000 residency with Chicago-based “Christianity Today.”

“I am a very excitable person,” she said.  “I freak out over hearing my favorite song on the radio, or getting a free coffee. I was just so unbelievably pumped to get the Snowden, and have my foot in the door as far as journalism goes.

“When I heard I got the ‘Christianity Today’ residency my reaction was there is no way I just got that, you have got to be kidding me,” Tracy added. “I feel very blessed. It’s just blessing upon blessing upon blessing.”

In June she will begin the Snowden internship working with the “Herald and News,” the daily newspaper in Klamath Falls, Ore. In September, she will move to Chicago to begin her residency with “Christianity Today.” That publication is read around the world in its print publications and online.

Adjunct Professor of Journalism Christena Brooks said Tracy worked hard to meet the requirements for the residency.

“Last May we met editors for “Christianity Today” and were informed about the residency, which is offered to Pacific Northwest college graduates,” Brooks said. “Kate did everything right. She published scores of articles during her time at Corban, pulled good grades, pursued the job, etc. She's really a gem, and will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

Although she already has some experience as a writer and editor, she knows there will be a steep learning curve for her at both publications. However, she said she is excited about the opportunity to work within two different journalistic mediums.

“With the Snowden internship, I'm excited about writing for a non-Christian affiliated newspaper and the challenges of working at a small-town newspaper,” Tracy said. “It will be a change for me to write multiple stories every day, but I'm excited to learn how to manage myself that way and become a better writer.

“With ‘Christianity Today’ I'm excited to learn from the top Christian writers in the journalism world,” she said. “My hope is to be mentored by these great writers and really improve from a Christian worldview standpoint.”

She hopes to eventually travel internationally as a journalist and possibly write a novel. Regardless of what happens or where she ends up, she said God has always offered her faithful guidance.

“He has very clearly opened doors for writing ever since I was in high school,” Tracy said. “I'm very thankful that He has made it clear what the heck I should do with my life. His provision with these opportunities has been totally above and beyond what I expected.”

  • English major Kate Tracy will work with the “Herald and News” newspaper in Klamath Falls and “Christianity Today” in Chicago.

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