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Welcome, Concordia Students!

Corban University expresses prayers and support in response to the announcement of the closure of Concordia University in Portland. Corban President Dr. Sheldon C. Nord reached out to Concordia President Thomas Ries on Monday to share his deepest sympathies about the closure of a long-time academic partner.

Dr. Nord said, “The closing of Concordia is a significant loss to higher education in Oregon. Our prayers go out to the families affected by this transition – including families of staff, faculty, administration, and students – that Christ would provide comfort and direction in this difficult time. We are saddened to lose this prestigious academic partner.”

Corban’s Admissions team stands ready to assist students in search of a higher education home following Concordia’s closure and would be honored to offer transfer students a place to complete their education.

#WeAreCorban #PrayingForConcordia 

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Small Christian University, Big Opportunities.


At Corban’s beautiful 220-acre campus in Salem, you’ll find a community, a family of Christian students and faculty who will encourage and support you academically, personally, and spiritually.

Corban's discipleship model means that every student (and faculty member) has a personal relationship with Jesus. Whether it’s in the classroom, dorms, discussions, concerts, parties, or athletics, our campus is going to enjoy the life God gave us and bring Him glory!

Corban is full of people from all walks of life with one mission: to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. We would love to have you join us!

There’s a place for you at Corban.

The Corban registrar’s office is prepared to evaluate each transcript individually for the most generous and transfer-friendly outcome. Corban University is prepared to accept all, 100%, transfer credits from Concordia students. Get started now by submitting an official or unofficial transcript to Maddie Beals at mbeals@corban.edu or starting an application here

How will my credits transfer?

Yes! Corban will match any scholarship amount you are receiving currently from Concordia University for traditional undergraduate studies, plus give you an additional $4,000 scholarship! With the exception of athletic scholarships, we will add $4,000 to any amount you’re receiving from Concordia.

If you qualify for more in Corban transfer scholarships (based on your college GPA) than what you received from Concordia, you will receive the higher amount. And don’t forget that additional $4,000!

Unfortunately, this scholarship matching is not applicable to online students, graduate students, or student athletes. However, if you’re interested in playing a varsity sport, contact the Admissions Office and we’ll connect you with the coach today!

Will I be able to keep my scholarships?

Corban offers more than 50 programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of our most popular majors include:

What majors does Corban have?

Start by completing this short application, specifically for Concordia transfer students. We are ready to review your application and give you a quick admission decision.

How do I apply?

For all undergraduate students – Maddie Beals | Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

(503) 375-7159 | mbeals@corban.edu

For all graduate students – Kyle Anthony | Graduate Admissions Counselor

(503) 375-7011 | kanthony@corban.edu

For financial aid questions – Mary McGlothlan | Director of Student Financial Services

(503) 375-7105 | mmcglothlan@corban.edu

Who do I contact if I have questions?


• Education

• Business

• Accounting

• Marketing

• Biology

• Biomedical Sciences

Online Undergraduate

• Business

• Psychology


• Master of Science in Education

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)

• Kinesiology

• Criminal Justice

• Forensic Psychology

• Counseling Psychology

• Political Science

• Ministry

We can also work with you to create an undergraduate interdisciplinary major combining multiple areas of study that match your interests and maximize your transfer credits. 

  • We will honor the financial aid you currently receive and give you the same (or more!) financial aid at Corban, with the exception of athletic scholarships, PLUS an additional $4,000 scholarship.
  • We will evaluate your transcript ASAP and tell you how much time you have left to complete your degree.
  • Expedited application process.
  • No application fee.
  • We’re very transfer-friendly and compatible with Concordia courses and have already made academic plans for students looking to transfer.
  • Our advisors are ready to work with you on how to transfer classes.
  • We will accept 100% of Concordia credits for undergraduate students (D grades and remedial classes excluded).
  • Corban will cover tuition costs for any general education Bible and theology courses that are required for a Corban degree and that have not already been fulfilled by your transfer credits.

For currently-enrolled traditional undergrad students at Concordia:

  • We will evaluate your transcript ASAP and tell you how much time you have left to complete your degree.
  • Expedited application process.
  • No application fee.
  • Our advisors are ready to work with you on how to transfer classes.
  • We are not able to match scholarships. However, you will find our tuition costs are lower than what you have been used to, and any federal financial aid will still apply.

For currently-enrolled online and graduate students at Concordia:

What if I need less than 30 credits to earn my degree?

We want to help you stay on track to earn your degree as soon as possible. We will waive the requirement to complete at least 30 credit hours of your degree at Corban. For Concordia students, we will not require a minimum number of courses to be completed at Corban in order to earn a Corban degree. 

How many Bible courses will I need to take?

Corban’s general education courses include 18 credits of Bible and theology for every degree. This requirement is prorated for transfer students, based on how many credits you transfer to Corban.

Corban will also cover tuition costs for any general education Bible and theology courses that are required for a Corban degree and that have not already been fulfilled by your transfer credits.

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Successful Outcomes

68% of Corban graduates have a job lined up before they even graduate!

Corban's average class size of just 19 students gives you the chance to speak up and be heard.

Intentional Community

Explore Oregon

Explore our 220-acre campus in Salem, Oregon, with lots of nearby opportunities for adventuring.

Play (or cheer on!) one of our 16 varsity sports. (Athletic scholarships available.)

Athletic Excellence 

"Being an international student at Corban was made way easier than I thought it would be. Corban’s an amazing community. The love they have for Jesus, it’s just so contagious, and I fell in love with it every day. It’s just really amazing to be a part of such a kind and loving and wonderful family.” 

Annouscka Kordom

Class of 2020, Business Administration

“Corban's faculty cares, not only about their students' academic lives, but about their personal lives. . . . I became acquainted with many professors on an intentional level, and by senior year I turned to them not only for research advice but also for personal advice.”

Holly Wiegand

Class of 2017, English

"I’ve changed incredibly since coming to Corban. I’ve changed politically, I’ve changed personally . . . God has definitely used Corban in incredible ways to spur me on, delving deeper and deeper into relationships, through my mentors, through professors.” 

David Giglio

Class of 2018, Political Science

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Make a Difference in The World for Jesus Christ

Recognition & Accreditation

Be sure to ask a counselor about your program faculty and accreditation.

  1. Listed as a National College of Distinction.
  2. Recognized as Best Regional University - West Coast.
  3. Known as a Military Friendly school.
  4. NWCCU Accredited.
  5. CACREP Accredited.

“Our academic programs have earned a solid reputation for graduating qualified and capable individuals who are equipped to make a difference in the world,” said Corban Vice Provost, Chris Vetter. “Combined with our rich campus experience, international opportunities, Christian community, and dedicated professors, students truly value what Corban has to offer.”

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