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The TOEFL exam (or its equivalent) is not required for admission into the Pathway program.

Students who have taken the TOEFL prior to application are encouraged to submit a TOEFL score with their application to assist Pathway program staff with placing the student in the correct academic level.

Students with no score will take the TOEFL ITP upon arrival in order to place them at the appropriate level in the program.

Corban Language Institute Levels:

  • A1 – Basic | TOEFL: 310 to 350
  • A2 – High Basic | TOEFL: 350 to 400
  • B1 – Low Intermediate | TOEFL: 400 to 450
  • B2 – High Intermediate | TOEFL: 450 to 500
  • C1 – Advanced | TOEFL: 500 to 510
  • C2 – High Advanced | TOEFL: 510 to 520

To move from one level to the next, you must pass all your classes and reach the required TOEFL level.