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Pathway is the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) of the Corban Language Institute

Learning a new language is hard work but the Corban Language Institute is small and supportive environment to help students reach their goals.

Students live in an English immersion environment on the Corban University campus, have high quality teachers, supportive advisers and one-on-one tutors to help to help them learn what is needed to be successful at an American university.

A1 through B1 classes apply towards visa requirements but do not receive undergraduate credit (below 100 level).

When you reach B2 level, you can get Foreign Language elective credits which you can apply to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Then at the C level students begin to take at least one class with American students.

To graduate from the Pathway program, a student must achieve a 520 on the TOEFL. This is the minimum entrance score for Corban University’s Undergraduate program.

Example class schedules:

B1 – Low Intermediate (16 credits) 3 credits
IE051 Low Intermediate Grammar and Conventions 3 credits
IE052 Low Intermediate Academic Reading 3 credits
IE053 Low Intermediate Listening & Speaking 3 credits
IE054 Low Intermediate Academic Writing 3 credits
IE035 Fitness for Pathway 1 credits
TH101 Introduction to the Christian Faith 3 credits
C1- Advanced (13 credits)
IE123 Advanced Reading & Writing 3 credits
IE131 Advanced Grammar 3 credits
ID113 Becoming a Master Student 3 credits
CO102 Fundamentals of Speech* 3 credits
HP121 Human Performance Fitness* 1 credits

*courses with American students

Corban Language Institute Levels:

  • A1 – Basic | TOEFL: 310-350
  • A2 – High Basic | TOEFL: 350-400
  • B1 – Low Intermediate | TOEFL: 400-450
  • B2 – High Intermediate | TOEFL: 450-500
  • C1 – Advanced | TOEFL: 500-510
  • C2 – High Advanced | TOEFL: 510-520

To move from one level to the next, you must pass all your classes and reach the required TOEFL level.