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Strategic Training In Cameroon

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Writers have long called Cameroon “Africa in miniature” because of its central location, cultural diversity, and varied geography. To serve in Cameroon with its 256 tribal groups is to experience the full breadth of African culture. Corban University’s School of Ministry faculty and students have enjoyed this rich opportunity to minister. They were led to Cameroon for other important reasons also.

Cameroon will raise leaders for the next generation of Christianity. “It’s a historic shift,” notes Dr. Greg Trull, Dean of the School of Ministry. Demographic experts reveal “the center of Christianity is moving from America and Europe to the Global South, especially Africa.” Christianity has grown from 9% of Africa’s population in 1910 to 63% in 2010. However, this incredible growth has left only one trained pastor for every 20 churches in African countries like Cameroon.

Cameroon is on the spiritual front lines of Africa. While Christianity grows, so does Islam. Islam is projected to expand in the region by 60% in the next 20 years. Further, voodoo, ancestor worship, and syncretism also compete with the Gospel.

Thus, Cameroon “was a strategic choice rather than a safe choice,” reflects Trull. We wanted to serve in the center of God’s work to train future world Christian leaders.

Corban worked with International Training & Equipping Ministries to develop a 3-year training program for Cameroon’s pastors. The training includes classes on Bible interpretation, preaching, theology, and leadership.

Because of the great potential of these leaders and the lack of financial resources, Corban offers this academic certificate at no cost to Cameroon’s pastors and leaders.

These trained pastors lead churches, confront Islam, and share the Gospel in this strategically important region. Corban University’s School of Ministry partners with these select leaders to extend both their ministries and Corban’s mission. Our ministry reports remind us of the impact our Cameroon students make. When Corban professors first started the training program, the pastors reported they ministered to nearly 8,700 people each week, Trull remarked. “That same group of now reaches nearly 22,000 people!”

Corban’s first cohort of 38 pastors began their studies in 2015 and graduated May 2015. Our current cohort of 50 leaders will finish May 2018.