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Reaching Into China

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Corban University’s presence continues to expand in Asia, especially in its largest nation: China.

In 2015 Corban University hosted speakers Liu (Paul) Peng and Rob Gifford for the Second Annual Leadership and Political Engagement Symposium.


Peng is founder of Pu Shi Institute of Social Sciences (Beijing) and Gifford is veteran China editor for The Economist and author of China Road.

Liu Peng

Both speakers considered “Religious Freedom and the Rule of Law.” The discussion identified China as a unique example of a state adopting some Western societal standards, including religious freedom and rule of law, outside a Western political framework.

In addition, Provost Dr. Matt Lucas secured a visit by eleven Chinese pastors during Summer 2015. Lucas first connected with believers in China on a visit there in fall 2014.


Rob Gifford


Lucas hopes Corban’s opportunities to partner with Chinese brothers and sisters who love Jesus Christ will help the Gospel “penetrate regions traditional missionaries cannot access, and equip people who can bring shalom to the places where they live and work.”

Collaboration with Corban University will allow the pastors to reach those unreached places. The Chinese pastors:

  • Met with leaders of Salem Alliance Church to discuss church planting and leadership.
  • Participated in seminars on soteriology and perseverance with Corban’s Dr. Mark Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology.
  • Returned to China having been, in Dr. Jacobson’s words, “encouraged that we are one in Jesus Christ and that we stand with them in their commitment to serve the Lord.”


As Jacobson reflected, “Christ is building His Church in China in remarkable ways and, in some cases, ways that resemble God’s supernatural working recorded in Acts.”

With symposia and seminars on religious freedom and the church in China, Corban is poised to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ in the world’s most populous nation.

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