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About Us

Page Background

The vision of the Corban University Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is to provide a place for scholars to work together to discuss and address global issues affecting Christian education, the church, and other Christian organizations working to further the gospel in international contexts. The CGE will also serve as an incubator for new initiatives aimed at creatively responding to global challenges.

Corban faculty and global scholars involved in the CGE conduct research, teach internationally, lead gospel-focused projects and facilitate student learning opportunities.

The Center also serves as a hub for equipping Christians with cultural awareness and leadership skills to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

The Team

Global Scholars:

Jay Mathisen, Ed.D. serves as Deputy Superintendent of the Bend-La Pine schools. Leading school leaders and launching innovative efforts in school design are key areas in which he serves. As Global Scholar in the Center for Global Engagement, Mathisen supports Corban University’s dual degree partnerships and leads professional development seminars for in-country teacher educators and administrators. Mathisen has experience leading teams each year to East Africa to support and mentor teachers and administrators in Rwandan schools.

Key Objectives
  1. Implement innovative programs that meet the current and future needs of leading Christian organizations worldwide.
  2. Develop and maintain university global partnerships for collaboration and service, and to enhance student learning from a Christian perspective.
  3. Provide Corban faculty and students leadership development opportunities abroad.
  4. Strategically develop international sites that will function as the gateways for global education purposefully linked to different majors and programs.
  5. Conduct research to inform Corban’s strategic direction and communicate the impact of the university’s global commitment.
Key Strategies

Working collaboratively with the academic and administrative entities of the university, and through outreach initiatives to external constituencies, the Center for Global Engagement promotes internationalization through:

  1. Global scholar and professional development programs
  2. Scholarship and presentations
  3. International initiatives and partnerships