Ways to give to Corban


Your donation to Corban University can take several forms. In addition to benefiting the University, your gift may provide powerful tax or estate planning benefits to you. Our hope is that this information will generate conversations among you, your financial advisers and the advancement professionals at the University. Won’t you consider becoming a partner in Corban’s future through a generous gift?

Outright gifts of cash

Many gifts to Corban come from current income and are in the form of cash or checks. Cash can be used to make both outright gifts and retained life income gifts. You may make a gift of cash by check, by credit card, or online.

Better yet, visit the Corban campus and bring your gift to the Office of Advancement. If you mail your gift of cash, the date the gift will be recognized is the postmark date on the envelope in which it is mailed. Gifts of $25,000 or more, made either in a single payment or pledged over an extended period, may be used to create endowed funds for special purposes.

Endowed funds earn interest in perpetuity, and this interest is applied to the purpose for which your Fund was created. Learn more about making gifts of cash by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

Matching gifts

You can get more mileage from your own giving if your employer offers a gift-matching program. You will be credited for the total amount, and your employer will also receive public recognition in all of our donor publications. Search our web site and see if your organization will match your gift. If not, download our matching gift corporate tutorial and give it to the appropriate officers in Human Resources or your organization’s Personnel Department.


You may pledge an amount to the gift opportunity of your choice and arrange to pay it in installments of up to five years. Learn more about making pledges by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

Planned gifts

You may create a charitable trust, annuity or other option that benefits Corban University while offering you substantial tax shelter benefits. One of the most common options, the charitable remainder annuity trust, allows you and/or a person you designate to receive yearly income for a specified period of time, after which the principal of the trust reverts to the University to be used for a purpose you have designated. We can work with you and your financial adviser to create the giving opportunity most appropriate to your interests and needs. Learn more about planned gifts by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

Bequest intention

You may make a provision for Corban University in your estate plans, assuring a legacy that lasts well beyond your lifetime. While all bequest intentions will be recognized, only realized bequests will be counted in the University’s annual fund or capital campaign totals. Learn more about bequest intentions by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

Making a gift of marketable securities

An outright gift of appreciated marketable securities is one of the most attractive methods of realizing your charitable intentions toward Corban University. Your gift of stocks, bonds or other publicly traded securities entitles you to a charitable deduction equal to the full fair market value of the securities on the date of the gift, provided you have owned the securities for more than one year. In addition, you will not incur capital gains tax on the transfer of securities to Corban. Learn more about making a gift of marketable securities by contacting the Office of Advancement at (503) 375-7003 or email a message to

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