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Student Stories

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Nearly 300 Corban graduates are heading out into the world to make a difference for Jesus Christ!
Many of our graduates agree that what they will miss the most is the community here at Corban—the friends they made, and the daily interaction with their professors. They created memories they will cherish for years to come, and above all, a deepening of their faith and love for Jesus Christ.
Here is what a few of our grads have to say about how their lives are transformed by their time here:

Emily Buhrkuhl, Accounting

From: Stockton, California
Post-graduation plans: Working full-time for the accounting firm Grove, Mueller & Swank in Salem, while pursuing a CPA license. 
How have you been changed by your time at Corban?
This community has given me a space to go deep – to go deep into my issues and realize my brokenness – and realize more fully than before that Christ is sufficient to fill it all with love and grace and joy and peace. There is no greater pursuit in life than seeking Christ, and that reality has been rooted so deeply as a result of my time here. 
What is one of your funniest memories?
This year, my roommate and I made bucket list of things to do before graduation.  For whatever reason, we decided to put “double date” on that list, which was a dumb idea, because neither of us is in a relationship. With the pressure on to check it off the list (and a late night when any idea seems really good), we filmed a silly video and put it on Facebook, asking for two male friends to go on a double date with us. Within hours, we got an unexpected and hilarious video response from a couple of Corban guys! Long story short, it resulted in an awesome beach bonfire and hiking adventure, complete with roasted hotdogs, s’mores, solid conversation, and a lot of laughs! 
Which professor most impacted you and why?
From the day I started considering a transfer to Corban until my final semester here, Dr. Bernard encouraged me to never settle for less than I am able to achieve. The Lord used Dr. Bernard (and several others) to lead me to study accounting, and it is clear that He has a specific purpose for me to use this knowledge to advance His kingdom.

Mallory Malot, Business Marketing

From: Central Point, Oregon
Post-graduation plans: Event Coordinator for the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce 
How do you see yourself carrying out the Corban mission—to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ—after you leave Corban?
I see myself carrying out the Corban mission by standing up for what I believe in and never changing who I am on the inside for someone else. I want to stand firm in Jesus Christ with every situation I am in. I want to be the person others notice and want to know more about. 

Brendan Dettwyler, Accounting

From: Salem, Oregon
Post-graduation plans: Financial Analyst for Hancock Real Estate
Which professor most impacted you and why?
Accounting professor, Bryce Bernard, made the biggest impact on my life here at Corban. He taught me and my peers that we should never settle for anything less than the best. And that above all else we need to missionaries in everything we do, whether that be in Africa, or in our workplace. He is smart, fun, and has a heart for his students. He will forever have an impact on my heart.
How do you see yourself carrying out the Corban mission—to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ—after you leave Corban?
One of the biggest things that I learned from my time at Corban, was that you can be a missionary wherever you are. I want to be an example in my career to demonstrate the love that God has for me and share that love with others. 

Brittney Usher, Elementary Education

From: Valley Center, California
Post-graduation plans: Elementary Teacher for the Salem-Keizer School District
Which professor most impacted you and why?
The professor that I will miss the most is Dr. Jesse Payne. He has a great sense of humor, he calls things like they are, and he has a huge heart for teaching. I had the privilege of traveling to Indonesia with him and some fellow classmates last summer to teach in the SPH Schools. Through this experience I was able to see Dr. Payne in a new environment, with young students. The joy and passion I saw in him for these students and teaching inspired me to teach. 
How do you see yourself carrying out the Corban mission—to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ—after you leave Corban?
I see myself fulfilling this by teaching my students that they have a purpose in this world. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to teach them the life tools they need to become productive, contributing members of their communities.

Katrina Delamarter, English Communication

From: Vancouver, Washington
Post-graduation plans: Snowden Intern for the News-Register in McMinnville
What is one of your funniest memories?
During my sophomore year we got a ton of snow and students were stuck on campus for about a week. When Sunday came around, my friends didn't like the idea of not having church, so they led a church service in the dorm lobby. It was a big deal, complete with flyers, worship, a message from a student studying pastoral ministry and a potluck after the service. The potluck included whatever students had in their dorms, so it was mainly pop-tarts and popcorn. It was both serious and hilarious.
Which professor most impacted you and why?
I don't think I could pick just one professor who has impacted my life. I can say confidently that all my professors are the highlight of everything I've experienced at Corban. They have prayed with me, wept with me, laughed with me, encouraged me to pursue my dreams, and instilled a strong confidence that God will provide for me.

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