Scholarships for Transfer Students Do Exist!

Finding the right scholarships to apply for as a transfer student is the most rigorous aspect of financial aid. Agreed? Everyone talks about scholarships, but at times it can seem hopeless. If you see “only for incoming freshman students” one more time, you might lose your mind. So, here’s some help:

Corban Scholarships for Transfer Students

  • $8,000-$14,000: Scholastic Award for all new transfer students, based on college GPA. Just submit your transcripts!
  • $4,000: Community College Partners Scholarship for transfers from Chemeketa, Linn-Benton, or Clackamas Community College. Submit your college transcript.
  • $2,500: Phi Theta Kappa for members of the PTK honor society. Provide proof of membership and voila.
  • $500: Visit Scholarship for all new students who visit campus on a qualified visit day.

Each of the above scholarships are renewable every year you attend Corban.

Outside Scholarships for Transfer Students

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are a few that are worth being familiar with:

OregonStudentAid.gov – For Oregon residents. In 2014-2015, Corban had 94 applicants and 15 recipients who earned a total of $105,045 between them.

Ford Family Foundation – Due March 1st and awards vary.

E3 Savings – Look into e3savings.org to see how to participate with Corban. Student contributes at least $500 and this program gives $4,000.

Search the web – As a transfer student, you will have to be more diligent in your search. But that doesn’t mean options are not out there. This is your education so don’t cut corners. Go after it and work hard toward that goal of funding college. You can do this!