The academic year for the Doctor of Ministry program runs from January through mid-October, leaving you free to enjoy the holidays without academic responsibilities. The program revolves around a two-week residency on Corban’s campus in Salem, Oregon, so there is no need to relocate. Pre-residency and post-residency coursework can be completed while you continue in your ministry, allowing you to advance your education and ministry effectiveness. Most students complete the program in 4-6 years. This includes three years of coursework and residencies, followed by 1-3 years to complete the thesis-project.

Pre-Residency Coursework

You will be assigned coursework to complete before each residency that helps you prepare for classroom interaction with your professor and cohort members.

Each course requires approximately 2,000 pages of reading along with various book reviews, reports and other papers. As a D.Min. student, you should be prepared to devote 10-12 hours per week (on average) to study.


Each June, Doctor of Ministry candidates participate in a two-week residency, studying with faculty and other students at Corban’s campus in Salem, Oregon. This is the heart of the program and gives you the opportunity to dig into course topics, meet with your advisor and begin the groundwork for your thesis-project. You will take two one-week courses, plus a one-day thesis-project seminar.

A typical day begins with class at 8:00 a.m. You will spend the morning with the professor going deeper into the module topic through lecture, multi-media, discussion and student presentations. Lunch is enjoyed together at the campus cafeteria so that cohort bonds can be built and deepened. Class resumes after lunch, ending at 5:00 p.m. Evenings are open but often include fellowship with other cohort members, study or catching up with ministry responsibilities back home.

You are responsible for your housing and travel arrangements for each residency. On-campus housing may be available on request, or visit our accommodations page for information on area hotels. Portland International Airport is conveniently located one hour from Salem.

Post-Residency Coursework

Following the time spent on campus as a cohort, you will complete a project that integrates what you have learned into your ministry in a practical manner. The module topic determines the overall nature of the project, but your ministry context shapes its emphasis and direction. The post-residency period concludes on October 15.



The thesis-project is the capstone assignment of the D.Min. program, similar to a Ph.D. dissertation, with a scholarly paper, a research project and a professional presentation. During each of the three residencies you will participate in a one-day seminar designed to help you choose a topic, design a research project and begin the writing process—all overseen by a personal thesis-project mentor/advisor. Upon completion of the three years of coursework, you will have up to three years to complete your thesis-project.