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Corban University

D.Min.: Christian Theology and Apologetics

Foundational to Christian ministry is an in-depth knowledge of the teachings of the Bible and the ability to state and defend biblical truth. The Doctor of Ministry in Christian Theology and Apologetics at Corban University builds on the Bible and theology learned in a master’s degree program as students teach and preach the Word in a biblically faithful and transformational way (2 Tim. 4:1).


Dr. H. Wayne House has dedicated more than 40 years to the study of theology and apologetics. As scholar-mentor of the Doctor of Ministry in Christian Theology and Apologetics, he walks with students through the three years of this program, challenging you to deeply study the truths of God’s Word.

Program Overview

Two great challenges face leaders today: teaching the truth of God to a Christian public that is shaped more by culture than Scripture, and defending Christianity against the charges of a multitude of critics. To meet these challenges, this program equips leaders with the biblical, historical, scientific and philosophical knowledge necessary to effectively engage our world with the Christian faith.

Those looking for more academic work than a traditional D.Min. offers will appreciate the in-depth theological study and academic rigor of this program:

  • Senior pastors
  • Professors
  • Teaching pastors

The Christian Theology and Apologetics cohort builds on master’s-level knowledge in theology and ministry and advances your academic theological competency. Before beginning this advanced program, students are expected to have sufficient proficiency in hermeneutics, theology and biblical languages.


Each academic year consists of pre-residency coursework, a two-week on-campus residency each summer (the heart of the program), and post-residency coursework exploring the topics below. Learn more about the schedule.

You will begin work on your final thesis project during your first residency. After the three years of coursework, you will spend an additional two to three years completing your research and writing your thesis project, the capstone for your D.Min. degree.



The Foundations of Christian Theology

Philosophical Foundations of Christian Theology
Central Issues in Systematic Theology

Theology and the Local Church

Contemporary Expressions of Theology: Worship, Mission and Proclamation
Personal Expressions of Theology: Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy

Exploring Apologetics

Apologetics and Christian Evidences
Apologetics and the Person and Work of Christ


Program Outcomes

Through this program, you will be equipped to:

  • Advance your personal and professional development within the context of your current ministry.
  • Implement new models of ministry for enhanced effectiveness in areas pertinent to your primary context of service.
  • Articulate a theology of spiritual formation based on God’s transforming grace.
  • Apply learned ministry leadership practices that reflect biblical principles and are informed by contemporary theory and practice.
  • Assess the effectiveness of personal and corporate leadership practice within your ministry.
  • Use research skills in your chosen fields of ministry.