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Corban University

KAIROS Scholarship

$2,000 over four semesters


To be eligible for the KAIROS Scholarship:

  • Submit your application for admission to Corban for Fall 2019.
  • Select KAIROS as your intended major, no later than the start of classes of your first semester at Corban University, but preferably at the time of application.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to the first 10 admitted students who declare KAIROS as their major and who pay their tuition deposit.
  • Students must be admitted to Corban University and, subsequently, to the KAIROS program at the start of their second year.
  • Students must remain in good academic standing.
  • Student must be continually enrolled for the entirety of their program. Exceptions would be granted only for cases of emergencies.

Scholarship Payment Schedule

Selected students will begin receiving the scholarship at the start of their second year. The scholarship will be awarded as four (4) $500 payments over four (4) semesters during their second and third years.

The Kairos scholarship will not be paid if:

  • The student goes on Academic Probation.
  • The student takes a semester off, unless approval is given by the KAIROS Program Director and the Director of Financial Aid due to some type of emergency.
  • The student switches programs. The scholarship will be discontinued the semester in which the change of program takes places.

The funding from this scholarship is provided by the Kern Foundation grant to Western Seminary & Corban University for the KAIROS program.