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Corban University

Bilingual Educator Award


The Bilingual Educator Award recognizes aspiring bilingual educators from a culturally and linguistically diverse background who want to make a difference through teaching.

With increasing diversity in U.S. schools, well-qualified bilingual teachers are essential to the education system. As a bilingual educator, you will have the opportunity to bring your unique perspective to the education system and make a difference for your future students.

Who may apply?

  • Incoming first-time freshmen
  • Enrolled in education major
  • Bilingual in Spanish (other languages may be considered)
  • Preference given to those of Hispanic background or another culturally and linguistically diverse background.
  • Preference given to Salem-Keizer graduates who participated in the Teacher Cadet program.
  • Financial need demonstrated by FAFSA

Transfer and currently-enrolled students are not eligible.

Application Deadline

February 1