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Corban University is dedicated to finding the best ways to communicate God’s truth and deliver the highest quality education in an online format. Our online ministry degrees meet the needs of busy students who want to pursue a graduate degree. We are confident that you will experience the same excellent education and mentoring relationships online as you would on campus, and we want to prove it to you.

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Summer 2020 $99 Course Options

BI600 Learning and Living Bible Book Study: Acts
Bible book electives provide an opportunity to engage in in-depth analytical study of selected books in both the Old and New Testaments. The nature of each book will determine the approach used in course development. However, each book will be analyzed within its historical, cultural, literary, and grammatical setting in order to determine its intended meaning and significance for today.

CM593 Managing Conflict in Ministry
This course will introduce students to the ministry of managing conflict in a strategic, biblical, redemptive manner so that the family of God can experience and exhibit His shalom. Students will be familiarized with the nature of conflict itself – its various components, types, stages, and sources. This course will seek to answer the questions: why is conflict inevitable, why is the church particularly vulnerable to it, and how can and should conflict be engaged as part of the sanctification process individually and corporately? Students will learn how to handle conflict by being introduced to the various approaches to conflict management including the discovery of their own conflict management style as well as the development of a biblical model for redeeming conflict and restoring peace.

TH660 Assurance: How Do You Know You Are Saved?
This special study invites students to explore the question of how Christians can have assurance of salvation. Students will develop their own biblical/theological understanding of assurance. The course will survey biblical, historical, and systematic resources. At the end of the course, students will design and develop teaching resources, which will allow them to lead church members through practical learning opportunities.