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Corban University is dedicated to finding the best ways to communicate God’s truth and deliver the highest quality education in an online format. Our online ministry degrees meet the needs of busy students who want to pursue a graduate degree. We are confident that you will experience the same excellent education and mentoring relationships online as you would on campus, and we want to prove it to you.

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Fall $99 Options

BI522 Learning and Living the Gospels
A study of the four New Testament gospels and Acts with an emphasis on their content, integrity, and theology within their historical, cultural, and, geographical backgrounds. The biblical meaning will also be related to contemporary Christian living, thinking and ministry.

CM551 Servant Leadership
A core course designed to help students gain an accurate knowledge of themselves in how they have been shaped and prepared by God for an optimal role in furthering His purposes. Using a variety of inventories, life-mapping, personal reflection, interviews, and direction from the instructor, students will be assisted in assessing how their gifting, natural abilities, experience, personality and passion contribute to their development in leadership.

TH501 God and His Word
A thoughtful overview of Christian theology in the areas of bibliology, theology proper and angelology. The student will be encouraged to develop his or her theological grid and gain exposure to theological terminology, scriptural support for doctrines, theologians and historical developments which have played a major role in Christian theology. Student will develop their own doctrinal statement reflecting their understanding of biblical teaching in the focus area of Christian theology