Frequently Asked Questions About Corban’s Master of Leadership in Kinesiology

Frequently Asked Questions About Corban’s Master of Leadership in Kinesiology

What is a Master of Leadership in Kinesiology? Corban’s Master of Leadership in Kinesiology is a 12-month master’s degree program designed to integrate best practices in kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movement) and business. This program can be completed entirely online, and is comprised of 30 credits (15 credits in business, and 15 in kinesiology). The best way to conceptualize this innovative program is as an accelerated MBA specifically designed for those in the sport and fitness industry.

What can you do with a Master of Leadership in Kinesiology (MLK)? An MLK degree is designed to build on your previous experience in the sport/fitness industry. If you have a background as an athlete, coach, trainer, or fitness instructor, the MLK will take your knowledge of kinesiology to the next level while equipping you with the business skills that most often accompany roles in this industry. You’ll hone your knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship and finance, paving the way for you to take your career to the next level—whether that’s becoming the manager of an athletic or fitness facility, starting your own business, or coaching the sport you love.

Why do I need an MLK? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning your master’s degree could increase your earning potential by almost 20%. In addition, the skills you’ll learn with Corban’s uniquely-designed MLK will round out your passion for sport and fitness with essential business skills. You’ll be equipped to take your personal business to the next level or bring a valuable skillset to an athletic facility or organization. Courses such as Leadership & Organizational Behavior will help you become an effective leader to your employees, while Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship will help you cultivate your business for success. Combined with business courses are key kinesiology courses designed to strengthen your health and fitness knowledge, such as Science of Exercise Training & Performance. You’ll graduate with a well-rounded, best-practices-based education for your career in sport, fitness, and leadership.

What are the qualities I need to be successful in the sport and fitness industry? The most important quality in someone pursuing a career related to sport and fitness is a passion for helping others improve. Whether you’re passionate about helping an athlete attain a new level in their performance or helping someone recover skills and abilities after an injury, or simply helping someone maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, you’ll be able to motivate, inspire, and educate people toward reaching their goals. While this does not require you to be extroverted, it does mean you’ll need confidence, communication skills, and compassion. Whether you’re on the frontlines of training and coaching, in a leadership role, or in a supporting role such as marketing and sales, a passion for helping others reach their goals will help you exceed in this industry.

Since this is a new program, how do I know it provides the quality education I will need? Corban’s MLK faculty are the same experienced faculty who teach courses for Corban’s established MBA program and kinesiology major. In fact, the MLK curriculum strategically uses courses from the MBA to give you the same leadership foundation students have been receiving for years. You’ll find a solid program taught by exceptional full-time faculty.

Why is this program entirely online? Corban designs each of its programs to meet student needs for flexibility and affordability. The online format of the MLK program allows you to continue working full-time in your field—whether as a coach, fitness instructor, athletic trainer, physical therapist, exercise physiologist, or other kinesiology career. We don’t want you to sacrifice time spent doing what you already love. We also anticipate that you’ve already received hands-on training in the kinesiology field and are now ready to dive into business skills such as leadership, management, and finance. These skills are well-suited to the online learning environment, where you’ll benefit from multimedia learning tools, all-online textbooks and materials, and instant access to the feedback of classmates and faculty.

This program is all online. What kind of availability can I expect from faculty? Corban’s faculty are committed to engaging with each of their students, whether in the classroom or online. You can count on faculty to respond via email, video conference, and more to make sure you’re understanding the material. They care about you and your goals, and they’ll help you achieve them.

What advantage does this program give me over a bachelor’s in kinesiology, biokinetics, or sports & recreation? The Master of Leadership in Kinesiology gives you a leg up in the world of management. If you’re passionate about engaging the health and fitness industry from a business perspective, this degree will demonstrate that you have critical leadership and management skills, in addition to sport and fitness knowledge. While a bachelor’s in kinesiology or biokinetics gives you a solid understanding of the human body and how it functions, the MLK rounds out your knowledge of business, equipping you for leadership roles in the world of health and fitness.

What kind of salary could I expect with an MLK? The MLK will benefit professionals in a wide range of fitness-related careers—from entrepreneurs who’ve started their own training businesses to general managers of athletic facilities, and more. Your salary will depend on what kind of facility or organization you work for, or, if you own your own business, your niche, geographical area, and experience. Each of these opportunities provides different salary potential. But regardless of where you work and for whom, your MLK degree will demonstrate a level of credibility and expertise beyond your bachelor’s degree and fitness experience. It’ll show your employers or clients that you have an edge over your competitors in your understanding of physiology and performance psychology, and it’ll propel you forward in your business management techniques.

Is the career outlook good for someone with an MLK? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for fields related to fitness and sport management are good. For example, jobs for fitness trainers and instructors are projected to increase by 13% between 2018-28 (average job growth nation-wide is only 5%). The job outlook for coaches is 11%, and for athletic trainers, that number climbs to 19%!*

collected from Bureau of Labor Statistics Dec. 2019