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Corban University

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

  • Establish Corban University as a recognized Christian thought leader in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Enhance and expand the teaching/learning environment where students are offered a Christ-centered education.
  • Strengthen the application and use of innovative technology throughout the entire organization.
  • Expand Corban’s global interaction.

Corban University’s mission “to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ” hasn’t changed since the school was founded in 1935. Yet how we go about that mission has changed with the decades, in response to the following questions: 

  • Where are Christians needed most, to be salt and light? 
  • What are the latest, most reliable best practices for educating and equipping students for their careers?
  • How can we reach the kinds of students who desire a bible-centered education with greater efficiency and accuracy?
  • What does today’s generation need in order to mature in their faith and be equipped for a lifetime of Christ-centered servant-leadership?

In response to these questions, Corban has made changes in courses and programs, extracurricular activities and student programs, and technology and innovation. 

To best serve our students and send them out into the world to make a difference for Jesus Christ, Corban is currently implementing the following Strategic Plan: 


Phase 1 ($3M) and Phase 2 ($3M): Warrior Academic, Recreation, and Athletic Complex

Currently located at the north end of campus, the baseball, soccer, and softball fields will be reconfigured during the first phase to accommodate a state-of-the-art track and soccer/lacrosse complex, complete with lights and artificial turf. In the second phase, additional fields, complete with artificial turf, will be built to the east of the Athletic Complex (softball field and intramural field). Together, these two projects will accomplish the following benefits:

  • Artificial turf on all fields and drainage that will enable training and competition regardless of the weather (42 inches of rain per year in Salem, Oregon).
  • Lighted fields, which will allow athletes to practice later in the evenings, maximizing class schedules and classroom space.
  • A location for soccer and track & field athletes to train and compete on their home turf, saving travel expenses and allowing Corban to extend hospitality to other universities.
  • An avenue by which to better engage the Salem community as we extend hospitality to local middle and high schools and have the capacity to host camps and Special Olympics events.
  • Much-needed space for intramural events.
  • Space and facilities for our newest varsity sport, Lacrosse.

Phase 3 ($16M): Renovation of the CE Jeffers Sports Center, to become an Event Center

Our current gym facility, at 19,295 square feet, will be expanded to 79,931 square feet, more than quadrupling the size. This will facilitate the following benefits for the entire Corban community:

  • The ability to bring commencement back on campus, which will not only save cost but create a more meaningful experience for graduating students and parents.
  • Additional classroom space at a bargain price per square foot due to savings from adding to an existing building rather than excavation costs of building on a new site.
  • State-of-the-art lab space for academic programs.
  • Exceptional recreation and athletic facilities in which students can train and practice.
  • Additional gym space to facilitate a richer intramural experience and create much-needed space for students and staff to engage in health and wellness.

Health Science Labs

Health Science is Corban’s most requested major and awards the third highest number of degrees (after Business and Education). As this major continues to grow, current lab space becomes increasingly inadequate. Thus, one of Corban’s highest priorities for the Academic segment of the strategic plan.

72% of Corban students who apply to medical school are accepted! The national average is just 40%.  

Agricultural Science Degree

In the fall of 2018, Corban launched an Agribusiness concentration in the Hoff School of Business. This is just the first step toward a full-fledged major in Agricultural Science. With Corban’s prime location in the Willamette Valley and recent purchase of an additional 80 acres of undeveloped land, this major will not only prepare students for the innovative food industry, but will also utilize some of Corban’s key assets. 

Other Possible Phases of the Academic Strategic Plan include: 

  • Master’s in Public Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts
  • ROTC Program