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Wednesday, June 18

Thu 3:40–5:30 pm

Breakout Session

Creativity: Making Messes without Apology

All too often artists and would-be artists tell themselves that their ideas aren’t good enough, or that they lack the experience or training to make “real” art that holds meaning. This workshop is for those of us who want to have some low down messy fun making art in a variety of forms. Be prepared to be astonished and surprised at how liberating it is to make a mess. This session is an “open” session, meaning I’ll have a few things to share, but the bulk of the time will be devoted to playing and tinkering. I’ll bring the paint and brushes, you bring the ideas and let’s see what happens! Special guest: David Barker. 

Presenter: Gina Ochsner

Room: PV109 Building: Pavilion

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